A sense of belonging

Matt’s blog: 3 October


When I first met John back in March (while we recorded the original Målvaktskanalen podcast) I knew we were going to hit it off. We instantly bonded over our love of the goalkeeper position and could have talked for hours. When he eventually brought up his website and asked me to be a part of it I didn’t hesitate for one second, “I was in!”

I’m excited to begin blogging for the site and join all the other goalkeepers involved. The thing I’ve always admired about being a goalkeeper is how much of a community we are, and Målvaktskanalen is a wonderful example of that.

It can be quite hard to understand exactly what it means to be a “keeper” unless you’ve ever stood a day in our shoes. That is why every time I witness a great save I immediately celebrate it’s brilliance. It’s also why when I see a mistake from a keeper I feel a bit sick to my stomach. The loneliness you experience in that moment is one of the worst feelings in the world, one I don’t ever wish anybody.

But, that’s the life of the goalkeeper and in order to succeed you need to embrace everything that comes with it, both the successes and failures. It’s a skill I’m still attempting to improve upon every day. I suppose that desire to better myself is what has allowed me to continue my professional career well into my 30’s and made me the goalkeeper I am today.


Matt Pyzdrowski


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