Veckans Uhlsportintervju: Lukas Hradecky


Bundesliga är igång och återigen så står den Finska landslagsmålvakten Lukas Hradecky i Leverkusens mål. Uhlsport Sveriges Linus Rosholm tog ett snack med Lukas inför den kommande säsongen. Du kan här på Målvaktskanalen ta del av Uhlsports intervju. 

Finally the Bundesliga starts again and we have interviewed Bayer Leverkusens goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky. 


Uhl: A new Bundesliga season is underway: what are your expectations: for the team, and you personally?
LH: Finally yes! Preseason is always a hard time for me, so glad that the games are starting. With the team we of course wanna compete again in the top, we’ve made some good transfers, gotten some quality players in, so the sky is the limit. Personally to play a solid season, with much less conceded goals than last year in the Bundesliga, think we conceded 52, so should be doable.

Uhl: What has the pre-season looked like, from a training perspective, and what have you focused mostly on?
LH: It’s been mostly allround, preseason you need to get the body going in every direction, so for us there hasn’t been only one main point to concentrate on. Blocking, long-range, short-range, reaction, playing with your feet, everything.

Uhl: What do you see as your strengths, as a keeper? Is there anything in particular you feel could be developed further still?
LH: My biggest strength is probably reading the game, and making the right decisions most of the time, when to attack, when to stay on the line. And then my reactions are pretty quick I think. Playing with the feet can always be further developed, it’s a big part of our game here as well, so it’s one of the main things we keep practising on.


Uhl: What would a typical week of training and preparations look like, ahead of a Saturday league game?
LH: Depending on the result, sunday might be off, monday a slow start to the week, mostly with the gk-coach on this day. Tuesday we have the hardest day in form of small-sided games etc. Wednesday of ass well normally. Thursday and friday preparation ahead of the game and tactical aspects.

Uhl: Could you describe your typical match-day routines: from waking up in the morning until kickoff!?
LH: Let us say we play normally 15.30, so then i’ll wake up around 9.30-10.00, go directly for breakfast, at 11.00 we have a team walk, 12.00-12.30 lunch, and after lunch I tend to go to my own world, listen to some music at the room, in the bus as well into the stadium and then it’s showtime at 15.30. And afterwards a nice cold beer after a clean sheet 😉

Uhl: Who is your goalkeeper coach, and could you you describe how you work together?
LH: His name is David Thiel, really modern and ambitious, relatively young as well. We have a good relationship and can talk about everything, he was one of the main reasons I decided to join Leverkusen.


Uhl: What would you typically do on a day off from practice and football?
LH: Spend some time in the city, watching movies, playstation. The classic guy-stuff you know. If we have a two day break, I sometimes travel somewhere to close by city

Uhl: What model of Uhlsport gloves do you use? What do you like most about it specifically?
LH: I’ve been with Uhlsport all my professional career, so the moment I started using them felt like they were made for me. Right now I have negative Surround-cut, I like to have a nice feeling to the ball, and this provides it very well. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be anything without my Uhlsport gloves 😉 

Uhl: Who was your goalkeeper role model, growing up?
LH: Back in the days I used have more idols like Buffon, Chilavert from Paraguay, even Schmeichel, but in the newer days you always get inspired and want to learn from the best like Neuer, Oblak, De Gea etc. So always when I watch a game I can learn something.


Uhl: What Bundesliga-striker is the trickiest opponent?
LH: There are plenty of tough ones. Lewandowski goes without saying, then not even strikers but guys have knuckleshot are irritating, Didavi, Demirbay who actually joined us now so one less to worry. Etc. 

Uhl: Apart from your own home: could you name a Stadium, in which you enjoy playing?
LH: I loved playing in Frankfurt, and I still do, always a great atmosphere, Dortmund is crazy as well. And then for me Freiburg is always cool and intense because of it being very close to the pitch.

Who do you think will win the Bundesliga in 2019/20?
LH: Bayer Leverkusen!!!


Thank you for your time and good luck!




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